Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae

PhD (Bristol), MA (Hull), BA Honours (Delhi)


1998-2002         PhD in Politics, University of Bristol. Thesis title: ‘World Politics,
Representation, Identity: Tibet in Western Popular Imagination’.
1997-1998         MA in International Law and Politics, University of Hull.
1994-1997         BA with Honours in History, St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. First Class (Rank holder).


July 2007 On    Reader (Associate Professor) in International Relations, Centre for the Study of Democracy, Department of Politics and IR, University of Westminster, 32-38 Wells Street, London W1T 3UW, UK

PhD Thesis Supervision
I Basu ‘Citizenship, Politics of Recognition, and Tribal Movements in India’ (University of Bath)
C Willott ‘Neopatrimonialism and Nigeria’ (co-supervised with J Devine, ESRC funded, University of Bath)
D Genovese ‘British Islamism and the Politics of Purity’ (co-supervised with J Keane, University of Westminster)
M Telatin ‘Challenging the Marketisation of Development-Security Nexus’ (University of Westminster)
J Smith ‘Rethinking Democracy Promotion’ (co-supervised with P Tambakaki, University of Westminster)
T Bannerjee ‘Nationalism and Internationalism in Early Indian English Literature’ (co-supervised with S Barfield, University of Westminster)

Mentoring of Postdoctoral Fellows
T Mesbahuddin, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Westminster 2007-09)

‘International Relations: Theoretical Perspectives’ (postgraduate), ‘A Postcolonial International Relations?’ (postgraduate), and ‘Towards a Non-Western Order’ (postgraduate)
‘International Relations: Theoretical Perspectives’ (postgraduate), ‘International Security’ (postgraduate), ‘International Security Studies’ (undergraduate), ‘Research Methods Training’ (postgraduate)
Supervision of Masters dissertations and personal tutoring

Academic Leadership
Member, Department’s Research Strategy Team
Organiser of Westminster International Relations Forum
In charge of Nirman Foundation funded CSD-Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (Delhi) Research Exchange Scheme
Organiser of CR Parekh Lecture in 2008 (Ashis Nandy) and 2010.
Organiser of four international conferences on China, Tibet and India in 2009 - ‘Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet’, ‘Modern Tibet: Views from China’, ‘Alternative Futures for Tibet and the Tibetan Diaspora’ and ‘China, India and the Himalayas’ ( )

Recent Visiting Affiliations
January 2010    Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad
June-Aug 09    Frielich Foundation Visiting Fellow, Research School of Humanities, Australian National University
2008-09    Honorary Fellow, Department of Politics, University of Bristol
Spring 08    Beatrice M. Bain Affiliated Scholar, University of California Berkeley
2008 On    Author and leader of a module ‘Culture and International Relations’ for Freie Universitat Berlin’s International Relations Online Programme
Winter 07-08    Visiting Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi


Single Authored Books
Anand, D (Forthcoming) Hindu Nationalism in India and the Politics of Fear, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Anand, D. (2009) Tibet: A Victim of Geopolitics, New Delhi: Routledge. ISBN 0415484499
Anand, D. (2007) Geopolitical Exotica: Tibet in Western Imagination. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press (Borderline Series). ISBN 081664765-8, 081664766-6.

Journal and Magazine Articles
Anand D and Kaul, N. (Under Review) ‘A Disruptive Ethnography of Mhindi: Consistencies and Contradictions in the Indian Diaspora in Tanzania’, Journal of Asian and African Studies
Anand, D and Ghosh, A. (Under Review), ‘The Politics of Culture and Mobilisation: The Left and the Right in India’, Modern Asian Studies
Anand, D. (2009) ‘Diasporic Subjectivity as an Ethical Position’, South Asia Diaspora, 1(2), 102-112, ISSN 1943-8192.
Anand, D. (2009) ‘Strategic Hypocrisy: The British Imperial Scripting of Tibet’s Geopolitical Identity’, Journal of Asian Studies, 68 (1), 227-52, ISSN 0021-9118.
Anand, D. (2009) ‘Moving beyond the blame game: China-India border relations’, East Asian Forum (Australian National University), Online
Anand, D. (2007) ‘Gendered anxieties: Representing Muslim masculinity as a danger’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 9 (2), 257-269, ISSN 1369-1481.
Anand, D. (2007) ‘Western representations of the Other: The case of Exotica Tibet’, New political science, 29 (1), 23-42, ISSN 0739-3148.
Anand, D. (2005) ‘Violence of security: Hindutva in India’, The Roundtable: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, 94 (379), 201-213, ISSN 0035-8533.
Anand, D. (2004) ‘Reporting the capture of Saddam Hussein: “Let there be light’ in Iraq’, Against all reason: propaganda, politics, power, Volume 2, pp. 25-30. ISSN 1741-0754. Online
Anand, D. (2003) ‘A Contemporary Story of Diaspora: The Tibetan Version’, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, 12 (3), 211-229, ISSN 1044-2057.
Anand, D. (2003) ‘Reading the Tibetan diaspora: ‘culture’ and ‘nation’ as strategic construct’, Anglo-Saxonica, Series II, number 19, pp. 77-92, ISSN 0873-0628.
Anand, D. (2000) ‘(Re)Imagining Nationalism: Identity and Representation in Tibetan Diaspora in South Asia’, Contemporary South Asia, 9 (3), 271-287, ISSN 09584935

Chapters in Edited Collections
Anand, D. (Forthcoming) ‘Challenging the Domestic-Foreign Divide: Tibet and China’s Public Diplomacy’, in Zhiqun Zhu (ed.) The People’s Republic of China Today: Internal and External Challenges, London: World Scientific
Anand, D. (Forthcoming) ‘Beyond Tibet’, in K. Knott and S McLoughlin (eds) Diasporas: Concepts, Identities, Intersections, London: Zed
Anand, D. (Forthcoming) ‘Challenging “Tibetan exceptionalism”: Exotica Tibet as an orientalist construct’, in Proceedings of International Association for Tibetan Studies, Bonn 2007, Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers.
Anand, D. (Forthcoming) ‘Generating Islamophobia in India’, in S. Sayyid (ed.) Islamophobias
Anand, D. (2009) ‘Nationalism’, in L. J. Shepherd (ed.) Gender Matters in Global Politics, London: Routledge
Anand, D. (2008) ‘Dangers of Management Speak: Politics of Crisis Management and Erasures of Histories’, in S. Eskola (ed.) Crisis Management in Crisis?, Helsinki: National Defense University, pp. 19-24, ISBN 978-951-25-1957-6. Online
Anand, D. (2008) ‘Porno-Nationalism and the Male Subject: An ethnography of Hindu Nationalist Imagination in India’, in J. Parpart and M. Zalewski (eds) Rethinking the ‘Man’ Question in International Politics, London: Zed.
Anand, D. (2006) ‘Archive and the Poetics of ‘Exotica Tibet’, in P. C. Klieger (ed) Tibetan Borderlands, Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, pp. 49-66, ISBN 9004154825.
Anand, D. (2006) ‘The West and the Tibetan issue’, in B. Sautman and J. T. Dreyer (eds), Contemporary Tibet: Politics, Development and Society in a Disputed Region, Armonk: ME Sharpe, pp. 285-304, ISBN 0765613549.
Consultant Editor (2005) Atlas of the World, Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195220455.
Anand, D. (2004) “Introduction” to Philip’s Guide to the State of the World, London: Philip’s Maps, ISBN 0540085782.
Anand, D. (2002) ‘A story to be told: IR, postcolonialism, and the Tibetan (trans)nationalism’, in G. Chowdhry and S. Nair (eds), Power, Postcolonialism, and International Relations: Reading Race, Gender and Class, London: Routledge, pp. 209-24, ISBN 0415271606.
Anand, D. (2002) ‘A Guide to Little Lhasa in India: the role of symbolic geography of Dharamsala in constituting Tibetan diasporic identity’, in P. C. Klieger (ed.), Tibet, Self, and the Tibetan Diaspora: Voices of Difference, Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, pp. 11-36, ISBN 9004125558.
Anand, D. (2001) Entries on Idealism, Nazism, Imperialism, Gay politics, Ethnicity, and Postcolonialism, in J. Mitchie (ed.), Readers Guide to the Social Sciences, London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, ISBN 1579580912.

Book Reviews
Anand, D. (2006), A. M. Fischer ‘State growth and social exclusion in Tibet’, International Affairs, 82 (4).
Anand, D. (2005), J. J. Pettman ‘Worlding women: a feminist international politics’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 7 (1).
Anand, D. (2003), V. Bennholdt-Thomasen, N. Faraclas, and C. von Werlhof (eds), ‘There is an Alternative: Subsistence and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization’, Progress in Development Studies, 3 (1).
Anand, D. (2003), C. Sylvester, ‘Feminist International Relations: An unfinished Journey’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 5 (1).
Anand, D. (2002), D. Scott, ‘Refashioning Futures: Criticism after Postcoloniality’, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 8(1).
Anand, D. (2002), J. K. Knaus, ‘Orphans of the cold War: America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival’, Critical Asian Studies, 34 (2).
Anand, D. (2002), K. Brehony and N. Rassool ‘Nationalisms Old and New’, G. Cubitt (ed.) ‘Imagining Nations’, and U. Ozkirimli ‘Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction’, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 7 (3), 2001.
Anand, D. (2001), M. C. Goldstein and M. Kapstein (eds), “Buddhism in Contemporary Tibet: Religious Revival and Cultural Identity,” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 7 (2).
Anand, D. (2000), V. Jabri and E. O’ Gormon, ‘Women, Culture, and International Relations’, Millennium, 29 (2).
Anand, D. (2000), S.Gill and J. H Mittelman, ‘Innovation and Transformation in International Studies’, Pacifica Review, 12 (3).
Anand, D. (2000), T. Dunne and N. Wheeler, ‘Human Rights in World Politics’, Journal of Peace Research, 37 (4).
Anand, D. (2000), D. Marsh and T. Gamble, ‘Marxism and Social Sciences’, Environment and Planning C: Government & Policy, 18 (6).
Anand, D. (2000), M. Doel, ‘Poststructuralist Geographies: the diabolical Art of Global space’, Environment and Planning D: Society & Space, 18 (5).
Anand, D. (2000), S. K. Mitra, ‘Culture and Rationality: the politics of social change in Post-colonial India’, Contemporary South Asia, 9 (2).
Anand, D. (2000), T. Shakya, ‘The Dragon in the land of snows: a history of modern Tibet since 1947’, Asian Ethnicity, 1 (2).
Anand, D. (1999), R. Ganguly, ‘Kin State Intervention in Ethnic Conflicts: Lessons from South Asia’, Millennium, 28 (2).


Research Fellowship
Freilich Visiting Fellowship (with grant) from Research School of Humanities and Freilich Foundation, Australian National University, for ‘Rethinking Cosmopolitanism in the face of Muslimphobia Commonsense Bigotry’, June-Aug 2009
Economic and Social Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2002-2003.

Research Grants
British Association for South Asian Studies grant, ‘From Contact Zone to Conflict Zone: Geopolitics and Boundary Making in Sino-Indian relations’, 2008-09
Principal Investigator in BA-AHRC-ESRC Visiting Fellowships for South Asia and the Middle East to work on a collaborative project titled ‘The Politics of Performance: the Uses of Spectacles for Political Mobilisation in Contemporary India’, 2008
British Academy (BASIS) grant (with Nitasha Kaul) for research on ‘Going beyond Roots and Routes: Multi-Racial Economy and Cultural Identities in Tanzania’, 2008
The British Academy Small Research Grant for research on ‘Locating sovereignty in a strange place: the Europeanisation of Sino-Tibetan relations’, 2006.
Universities China Committee in London (UCCL) Research Grant to conduct fieldwork in Beijing and Lhasa on a project titled ‘Representing China’s Tibet: Overlapping geographies of Lhasa’ and to collaborate with Central University of Nationalities and Sichuan University in China, 2006.
Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Library Grant to conduct archival research at Oxford, European Association for Chinese Studies, 2006.
ESRC Research Training Bursary, 2005-06.
Centre for Public Economics pump-priming grant, 2005-06.
The British International Studies Association Research Award, 2001.
The Society for South Asian Studies, The British Academy, 2000.

University of Bristol Postgraduate Scholarship and the Overseas Research Scholarship for Ph.D., UK, 1998-2001.
British Chevening Scholarship for MA, UK, 1997-98.
National Talent Scholarship, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of India, 1992-97.

Travel Grants
Political Studies Association Conference Grant, 2009
Universities China Committee in London (UCCL) 2008 Grant to attend Beijing Tibet Studies Seminar and conduct fieldwork in Tibet.
British Academy Overseas Conference Grant, 2007.
International Studies Association, 2007.
University of Bath Staff Development Unit Financial Assistance for Continuing Professional Development, 2005-06.
British Academy Overseas Conference Grant, March 2005.
International Studies Association, February 2001.
Politics and Arts (POLARTS) Standing Groups, ECPR, November 2000.
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict Research Group, Ontario, October 2000.
Alumni Foundation, University of Bristol, August 2000.
PSA Hardship fund, April 2000.
Knowlson Trust, August 1999.
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust/ Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, June 1998

Prizes and Fellowships
TGP Spear Memorial History Scholarship; Andrews Memorial Prize; Westcott Memorial History Prize; Prem Nath Bhalla Memorial Merit Prize; Shankar Lal History Medal. St Stephen’s College (University of Delhi), 1997.
Swami Vivekananda Chicago Lectures Centenary Prize, St Stephen’s College (University of Delhi), 1996.
Vikalpa Fellowship, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India for social work in rural areas of Orissa, 1995.

Teaching Award
Nominated for University of Bath’s Mary Tasker Award for excellence in teaching (2006). The Awards Committee made a special commendation for ‘dedication to teaching and pastoral support, interactive approach to teaching and commitment to an on-going process of exploration and development’.


Keynote speaker on ‘The Geopolitical Disappearance of Tibet and Tibetans’, Re-Imagining Tibet: Transnational Identities and Representations Conference, School of Oriental and African Studies, December 2009
‘Postcolonial Informal Empires in Asia’, Modern East Asia Research Centre, Leiden University, October 2009
‘Tibet’s Strategic Importance and Sino-Indian Relations’, Tibet Center and East Asia Center, University of Virginia, October 2009
‘The Road Ahead for China and the Dalai Lama’, Peace and Justice Studies, Gettysburg College,  September 2009
‘Postcolonial Informal Empires in the Emerging World Order’, Sigur Center, George Washington University, September 2009
‘Constructing China’s Tibet’, University of Hong Kong, August 2009.
‘China’s Tibet Conundrum’, East Asian Institute, and ‘Religious Nationalism and Politics of Fear in India’, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, June 2009.
Keynote speaker on ‘Paradox of Postcoloniality: Informal Empires in PostWestern Word’, Informal Empires Conference, University of Durham, April 2009
‘Tibet in International Politics’, Asia Centre, Harvard University, April 2008.
‘Desire and disgust as tools for political mobilization: Imagining the sexualized Muslim's masculinity', Gender Consortium, University of California Berkeley, April 2008.
‘Modern Tibet: A victim of Geopolitics’, India International Centre, New Delhi, January 2008
‘The Rise of China and India Thesis: Problems and Prospects’, EU-Asia Research Network, University of Helsinki, November 2007.
‘Tibet as an International Issue: The role of the West’, Bath United Nations Association, May 2007.
‘Empire and Terror’, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, February 2007.
‘British India and Tibet: Images and Realities’, Sichuan University, October 2006.
‘Strategic Hypocrisy: British Imperialism and Tibet’, Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, October 2006.
‘Tibetan Diaspora: Questions of Sovereignty, Dislocation and Identity’, at the Asia Unit in The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 2006.
‘Terrorism and Democracy’, Jammu and Kashmir University, Srinagar, September 2004.
‘Multiculturalism: the UK experience’, Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai, August 2004.
‘Western imaginations and Eastern realities: notes on contemporary global politics’, Visvabharati University, Shantiniketan, August 2004.
‘India-Pakistan conflict and Kashmir’, at An Introduction to World Politics Course for Ministry of Defence Officials, Centre for Continuing Education, University of Bristol, March 2002.

Tibet, Kashmir, Ethnic and International Politics of China and India

Op-Eds and Newspaper Articles
Open Democracy: ‘China’s borderlands: The need to rethink’, 14 July 2009, (reprinted in Outlookindia as ‘Re-Imagining China’
The Guardian: ‘India’s Congress needs coalition politics’, 17 May 2009,
The Guardian: ‘Nepal’s democracy tested to democracy’, 4 May 2009, (reprinted in Outlookindia as ‘Dangerous Brinkmanship’
World Today: ‘China and Tibet: Tibet Matters’, April 2009 (Vol 65, No 4),
Indian Express: ‘Off the wall thinking’, 13 March 2009,
The Guardian: ‘India’s peaceful illusion has been shattered’, 27 Nov 2008,
The Hindu: “From Tibet to China’s Tibet: Is history an ally for Tibet?”, 4 April 2008,
Open Democracy: “Tibet, China and the West: Empires of the mind”, 2 April 2008,
The Straits Times (Singapore): “Just ordinary aspirations”, 30 Mar 2008,
The Indian Express: “So many ways to Tibet”, 24 Mar 2008,
The Times of India: “Beijing’s best bet”, 21 March 2008,
Outlook magazine: “Is China a neurotic state?”, 19 March 2008,
The Independent: “Resentment towards Chinese migrants has boiled over”, 15 March 2008,

Television studio appearances and Radio interviews
Al Jazeera and Sky News (on Mumbai terrorist attack, 2008)
BBC News, Sky News, BBC Newsnight (on protests in Tibet, 2008)
Press TV (multiple appearances on political dynasties in democracy, Sino-Russian relations, and China’s military spending, China-France relations, Ethics of political violence, 2008 on)
Islam channel (multiple appearance on Kashmir, Xinjiang, and issues related to Muslim minorities in China, India and Pakistan, 2007 on)
BBC World Service (multiple appearances), BBC Wales, Radio 2025 (, Wisconsin Public Radio (, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( (on various aspects of Tibet, 2008)
BBC Radio Bristol (on Tony Blair’s legacy May 2007)

Newspaper interviews
The Time, 5 November 2009,,8599,1934948,00.html (on ‘Beyond India vs. China: The Dalai Lama’s Agenda’)
Associated Press, 5 November 2009, (on China, India and the Dalai Lama’s visit to disputed Tawang)
Reuters, 1 June 2009, (on Sino-Pakistan-India relations)
Xinhua, April 28 2009, (on hosting Chinese Tibetologists in London)
Associated Press, 8 March 2009, (on Chinese security in Tibet on the eve of Tibet protests anniversary)
AFP, 6 March 2009, (on Dissent in China and Woeser)
Associated Press, 24 Feb 2009, (on Tibetan unrest in China)
AFP, 24 November 2008, // (on the Dalai Lama and Tibet movement)
The Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese), 17 June 2008 (on the Dalai Lama)
Associated Press, several newspapers including International Herald Tribune, 1 April 2008, (on the possibility of ‘suicide terrorism’ in Tibet)
New York Times, 31 March 2008, (on Chinese nationalism)
McClatchy Newspapers, 26 March 2008, (on  the Dalai Lama’s leadership)
Le Soir (French), 16 March 2008, (on Tibet protests)
Berlingske (Danish), 2 March 2008, (on Tibet)
Ulkopolitikka-lehti (Finnish Journal of International Affairs), January 2008 (on Hindu nationalism in India)
The Bath Chronicle, May 2007
The Straits Time Singapore, September 2006 (on railway in Tibet)
Christian Science Monitor, April 2005, (also (on Tibet issue)
Pacific News Service, June 2005, (on an exhibition of Tibetan culture)


Major International Conferences
‘Tibet and China’s Global Public Diplomacy’, Global Politics of China, Manchester, November 2009
‘What makes an invasion foreign? The legacy of British India in shaping Tibet’s modern geopolitical identity’, Exploring Tibet’s History and Culture, Delhi, November 2009
‘Power, Resistance and the Boundary Making in the Himalayan Region’, China-India Relations: Between Conflict and Cooperation, Fudan University, Shanghai, October 2009.
‘Challenging the Domestic-Foreign Divide: Tibet and China’s Public Diplomacy’, The People’s Republic of China at 60: Internal and External Challenges, Bucknell University, October 2009
“Strategic Hypocrisy and British Imperialism in Tibet,” Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies, Beijing, October 2008
Discussant on “China and Africa: Emerging patterns in Globalization and Development Conference”, China’s Quarterly Conference, SOAS, London, September 2008
“Living in an Inhospitable World: The Principle of State Sovereignty and the Tibet Question,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Chicago February-March 2007.
Roundtable on “What is the Relationship Between Feminism and Masculinity? Vexed Issues around the ‘Man Question’ Re-Visited,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Chicago February-March 2007.
Discussant on panels “Activist Research/Praxis in an Age of Neoliberal Globalisation,” and “Nationalism and National Identity in East Asia,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Chicago February-March 2007.
“Challenging ‘Tibetan exceptionalism’: Exotica Tibet as an orientalist construct’, Eleventh Seminar of International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS), Bonn, August 2006.
“Lethal stereotypes: Hindu nationalism in India and its enemies”, European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Leiden, June 2006.
“‘Look, the Muslim!’: Hindutva and the politics of imagination’, British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference, London, April 2006.
“Constructing Hindu Masculinity: Gender, Sexuality and Politics of Hate in India,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Chicago, March-April 2005.
“Security Bites: Political Violence and Identity Construction in India,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Hawaii, March 2005.
“War of the Wor(l)ds: Democracies winning Hearts and Minds?,” (Joint with N Kaul), International Studies Association Annual Conference, Hawaii, March 2005.
Chair of a panel “The Grammar of Security and Insecurity,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Hawaii, March 2005.
“At the Edge: Said, Postcoloniality, and Tibet,” Rereading Orientalism, Kolkata, Aug 2004.
“Political Violence and Identity Construction”, Security Bytes: Security/Life/Terror Conference, Lancaster, July 2004.
“Something Old, Something New: Revisiting the ‘Transatlantic Agenda,” (Joint with N Kaul), Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference, Dundee, July 2004.
“Empires don’t deal with terror, they deal in terror: the American ‘war on ‘terror’ and the British experience”, Globalization or Imperialism? Theoretical and Practical Perspectives Conference, Oxford, July 2004.
“Witches, Bitches, and the occupation of Iraq: Male sexual humiliation as a feminist issue,” Gendered Exchanges: Global Perspectives on Sex, Work and Militarisation Workshop, Bristol, June 2004.
“Exotica Tibet and the Poetics of (Post)Colonial Representations”, Tenth Seminar of International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS), Oxford, September 2003.
“Knowing the Other/Othering knowledge: Poetics of ‘Exotica Tibet’”, International Studies Association Annual Conference, Portland, February-March 2003.
“Enculturing Politics: Popular Representations of the ‘Other’ as a theme in International Studies”, International Studies Association Annual Conference, Portland, February-March 2003.
Chair of a panel “Constructing Foreign Policy”, International Studies Association Annual Conference, Portland, February-March 2003.
“Heirs to Tibet: Identity question in the Tibetan Diaspora” and participant in the Roundtable on “Power in a Postcolonial World: Race, Gender and Class in IR- II,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Chicago, February 2001.
“Reading the Tibetan Diaspora: ‘Culture’ and ‘Nation’ as strategic construct,” Fourth International English Culture Conference, Lisbon, November 2000.
“Politics of identity in diaspora: notes on Tibetan (trans)nationalism,” Diasporas and Transnational Identities Conference, London, Ontario, October 2000.
“Mapping the Diaspora: Tibetan identity at crossroads”, 16th European Modern South Asian Studies Conference, Edinburgh, September 2000.
“The Poetics and politics of Representation: Tibet in/and the West,” Image and Identity Conference, Hull, September 2000.
“World politics, identity, and representation: the ‘Tibet question’ and the ‘West,’” World Congress of International Political Science Association (IPSA), Quebec city, August 2000.
“A Guide to Little Lhasa in India: the role of symbolic geography of Dharamsala in constituting Tibetan diasporic identity,” Ninth Seminar of International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS), Leiden, June 2000.
“Tibetanness imagined: diaspora and the ma(r)king of national identity” at Identity and/ in movement Conference, Hull, March 2000.
“Engaging the voice of authority: critical international theories, postcolonialism, and the politics of representation,” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, March 2000.
“Behind the picture postcard’: Reimagining Tibetan Identity,” British International Studies Association Annual Conference, Manchester, December 1999.
“Who needs Identity? Tibetan nationalism as a process of identification,” Contesting Identity Conference, Edinburgh, November 1999.
“Diasporic nationalism or nationalist diaspora: the case of Tibetans in exile,” British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference, London, September 1999.
“Reimagining the Nation: tensions within Tibetan nationalism,” Nationalism, Identity and Minority Rights Conference, Bristol, September 1999.

Other Specialist Seminars
On Tibet at ‘Self-Determination and Territorial Integrity: Awkward bed-fellows’ Conference of International Affairs and BBC’s The World Tonight, Chatham House, London, April 2009
Roundtable on Tibet, Asia Centre, London School of Economics, July 2008
“Fashioning China’s Tibet: From Tibetan to Tibetan Chinese Identity”, Re-Imagining Tibet: Critical Representations Through Varied Lenses, London, July 2008
“Dangers of Management Speak: Politics of Crisis Management and Erasures of Histories”, XI Suomenlinna Seminar, Finnish National Defence University, Helsinki, May 2008
“Framing a Danger? The "Muslim Problem" in the Hindu Nationalist Imagination”, Framing Muslims Seminar, SOAS, London, February 2008
“Tibet, China and India: The legacy of British Empire”, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, December 2007
“The Rise of China and India?", Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi, December, 2007
“Gendered Anxieties and Security: Representing Muslim Men as Danger,” Gender and Governance: Gender and International Relations in Britain, University of Bristol, September 2006.
“Imagining Muslims: Hindutva's politics of representation,” Chauvinism in South Asia Workshop, Bristol, November 2004.
“War on Terror, Violence and Identity Construction in India,” Conflict, Violence and Policy Seminar, Conflict and Human Security Study Group of the Development Studies Association, London, November 2004.
“Terror and/of Empire: the colonial experience in the 20th century,” Colonialism and Violence Seminar Series, British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, Bristol, November 2004.
“Representing Muslim Men: Hindu Nationalism and Political Violence in India,” Contemporary South Asia Seminar Series, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford, October 2004.
“Terrorism and International Security,” Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi, September 2004.
 “(Trans)National identity and world politics: Tibet and postcolonialism,” Centre for Indian Studies, University of Hull, 24 October 2000.
“(Re-)Imag(in)ing the ‘Nation’: ‘Deconstructing’ Tibetan Identity,” Sixth Identities and International Relations workshop (BISA), Oxford, June 1999.

Institution level seminars
“Theorising Nationalism as the Fear of the Self”, University of Cardiff, October 2009
“China’s Tibet Problem”, INALCO, Paris, May 2009.
“Transforming Tibet into China's Tibet: Politics of Sovereignty, Nationalism and Orientalism”, MIASU Seminar, Cambridge University, April 2009.
“Pornonationalist Masculinity and Politics of Violence”, University of East Anglia, March 2009.
“International Politics and Cultural Representations: China's Tibet”, King’s College, February 2009.
“China’s Tibet”, Chatham House, January 2009
“Security and Sexuality: The Pathos of Majoritarian Nationalism in India”, Sussex University, October 2008
“Sovereignty and Imperialism: The Geopolitical Construction of Tibet”, China House, Nottingham University, May 2008
“Constructing China's Tibet”, Oxford University, February 2008
Roundtable on Critical IR, Westminster International Relations Forum, London, 2007
“The Dangerous Muslim: Hindu Nationalism and Politics of Security in India”, Centre for the Study of Democracy, Westminster University, May 2007.
“India under siege: Hindu nationalism and the politics of fear”, Centre for Development Studies, Bath University, May 2006.
“The violent grammar of (in)security: Identity politics in India,” IFIPA Seminars, University of Bath, December 2004.
 “Cultural Representations and Politics of Violence,” Politics Department, Bristol University, October 2004.
“‘We must liberate them for their own good’: a postcolonial analysis of the US/UK invasion and occupation of Iraq”, Seminar series on Conflict and Security Studies, Bath University, March 2004.
“Knowledge and Power: Politics of Representation”, Seminar series on Politics of Identity, Centre for Development Studies, Bath University, May 2003.


2003-07    Permanent Lecturer, Department of Economics and International Development, University of Bath.
    Director of Studies, Master of Research in International Development (MResID)
2002-03    ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bath

Administrative responsibilities (Bath University until 2007)
Director of Studies and Admissions Tutor, Master of Research in International Development (MResID), 2005 on.
Member of Review panel for MRes Programmes in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2006-07
Faculty Representative, University Information Services Committee (Policy and Strategy).
Portfolio Assessor, University of Bath’s Initial Teaching Development Programme.
Mentoring of new academic staff
Personal tutoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students
Member of Research Committee, Department of Economics and International Development, 2005-06.
Member of Teaching Committee, Department of Economics and International Development, 2003-05.
Member of Review panel for the Bachelors degree in ‘Economics and International Development’, 2004-05
Member of Joint Department of Economics and International Development/European Studies and Modern Languages Joint Committee
Member of Boards of examiners and units for Undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Teaching responsibilities
‘EC30041 Global Politics’ (‘Contemporary International Politics’ till 2004-05) 2002-07 (Undergraduate); ‘EC50144 World Politics: Conflict, Security and Development’ 2003-07 (Postgraduate); ‘EU10616 Introduction to Global Politics & International Relations’ 2005-07 (Undergraduate); ‘EC50063 Politics of Developing Countries’ 2003-05 (Postgraduate);
‘EC20080 Policy and Politics’ 2003-05 (Undergraduate).
Supervision of 12 undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations per year
Supervision of Apprenticeship Projects for Master of Research Students, 2005 On.


Part-Time Visiting Lecturer (2002)
University of Bath (Department of Economics and International Development), ‘EC30041 Contemporary International Politics’
Seminar Tutor (2001-2002)
University of Bristol (Department of Politics), ‘POLI 21212: World Politics- Instruments of Action’; ‘POLI 21211: World Politics- International Systems’; ‘Politics 10101: Problems of Politics’ (all Undergraduate)
Associate Lecturer (2002-08)
Open University
‘AD252: Islam and the West’, London 2007-08; ‘DU301: A World of Whose Making’, Bristol 2004-07; ‘DD100: An Introduction to the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change’, Bristol 2002; ‘DD302: Pacific Studies’, Oxford 2002


Induction courses on Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety, Westminster University, 2007-08
‘Learning and Teaching in Higher Education’, the University of Bath’s Initial Teaching Development Programme, 2004.
“Voice Matters,” Staff Development Unit, University of Bath, December 2003
“Personal Tutoring and Students Support,” Staff Development Unit, University of Bath, September 2003
“SENDA: Implications for teaching and learning,” Staff Development Unit, University of Bath, October 2002
“Writing Research Grants Proposals”, Staff Development Unit, University of Bath, October 2002
“Putting Documents on the Web Using Frontpage 2000,” “Providing Information on the Web & Designing a Web Site,” and “Designing Computer-Based Learning Materials,” Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol, October-November 2001.
“Sovereign Bodies: Citizenship, Community and State in the Postcolonial World,” International Development Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark, December 2000.
“Evaluating Cutting Edge Social Science Research,” ESRC/JUC Residential School, Discussant, University of York, March 2000.
“Qualitative Methods in Social Science,” “Core Skills for Social Science Research,” and “Philosophy of Social Science,” Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Bristol, 1998-99.
Information Technology Skills for Social Sciences, Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol, 1998-99.

Discussant on the movie “The Unwinking Gaze” (on the Dalai Lama), Prince Charles Theatre, March 2008
Invited speaker on “What does it mean to be an Indian in the UK?”, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi, December 2007
Chair, ‘British Army: A Force for Good?’, A Seminar at the University of Bath, April 2007.
Organiser, Third Annual Workshop of the British Association for South Asian Studies, Bath, November 2006.
Panel Chair, ‘Investing in India’, Bath India Economic Forum, University of Bath, November 2006.
Coordinator, Roundtable discussion led by Jonathan Dimbleby on “Eradicating Poverty: How to make aid more effective”, Organised by Wellbeing in Developing Countries ESRC research group, Bath, June 2005.
Guest Speaker on “Genocide in Rwanda”, Bath Forum, May 2005.
Guest Speaker on “Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent”, Reality Films Group, University of Bath, March 2005.
Panel member on “Forum 2005: The role of education in contributing to community cohesion and integration”, University of Bath, February 2005.
Panel member on “Forum 2004: Are we all Xenophobes?”, University of Bath, February 2004.
Signatory of ‘Academics take anti-war stance’, The Guardian February 14 2003.,9830,895637,00.html.
Anand, D. (2002) ‘Postgraduate experience at Bristol’. British International Studies Association Newsletter, October.


International Affairs
International Feminist Journal of Politics
Contemporary South Asia
Theory, Culture, and Society
New Political Science
Palgrave Macmillan


Editorial Board, South Asian Diaspora, a Routledge journal
Advisory Committee, Framing Muslims - International Research Network, AHRC funded, 2008 On
Chatham House
Executive Committee, British Association for South Asian Studies, 2006-07; 1999-2002
International Association for Tibetan Studies, 2000 On.
International Studies Association, 1999 On.
British International Studies Association, 1998 On.
European Association for Chinese Studies, 2006 On
European Association for South Asian Studies, 2006 On
Development Studies Association 2004-05.
Secretary and President, Social Service League, St Stephen’s College, 1995-97.
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